Ensuring Good Quality, Safe Food

The company was first certified to ISO 9001 and HACCP in 2006

The company upgraded its food Safety Management System to ISO 22000:2005 in 2009.

Continuing with its commitment towards food safety of its products and as per requirements of its esteemed customer, the company took the initiative of further upgrading its food safety practices by adopting the FSSC standard which is the recognized standard by Global Food Safety Initiative(GFSI).

Hygiene & Pest Control

As a food processing unit, utmost attention is given to hygiene through rigorous house keeping and pest control. The material is effectively secured from weevils, rodents etc. We have detailed spray schedule and are using insecticide with permissible L.D. values. We have adopted the latest sanitary norms and have detailed Hygiene & Pest Control Programmes to deliver world-class hygienic Wheat Products.

Quality Control

After production the samples are sent to our in-house laboratory to check all the relevant parameters of production like particle size, colour, sedimentation value, viscosity, gliten, ash etc. We can give you the real analysis of every bag of flour you are ripping open, not just a product specification sheet. We provide formulas, troubleshooting and expert advice if required.

First Mill to have its own micro lab going ahead the company is focussing on giving zero microbial count in maida. We have our own in house micro lab to analyse TPC, Coliform, Yeast, Mould and Enterobacteria.